Trent Sterling

Jack of All Trades

My Google-fu is strong

I've been doing Game Development for nearly 10 years straight - and during this time, I've learned a ton about programming!

Sadly, I've avoided doing much with the web during this time - so I'm trying to get back into web stuff.

Expect some very fancy Javascript magic when I get up to speed. I'm actually pretty good.

Focuses: NodeJS, Phaser, IoT, Circuits, C#, Game Development, Unity

Random Skills: Videography, Web Design, Application Development, 3D Modeling, Photoshop

For now, we have a landing portal. From here, you can get to various subdomains.

New Blog: LINK

Old Blog: LINK

3D Dungeon Generator: LINK

Home Automation and IoT: LINK

IoT blog: LINK

Machine Learning Demos: LINK

Weird Phaser Stuff: LINK